It seems you can’t go a day without some new way to consume CBD hitting the market.

Whether its CBD-infused seltzer, gummy bears, water–the list of gimmicky products is endless. The latest of these products to start becoming popular is CBD wax, also marketed as CBD crumble, or CBD shatter.

The difference between these products is simply in the way they’re made. Though the effectiveness of them all leaves much to be desired.

But before we get into the details, let’s talk about what CBD wax is and how it’s used.

What is CBD wax?

Wax, shatter, and crumble are all heavily processed forms of CBD in which the manufacturer attempts to create the highest potency extract possible.

In order to do so, the raw hemp materials are processed using butane (which we’ve already discussed the dangers of here), to create a very sticky wax-like substance.

This wax is then further ‘cleansed’ to remove and of the lingering butane from the wax. If this process is done correctly, you can be (mostly) sure that the wax is free of any excess butane. Though, given the unregulated state of the CBD industry, it’s impossible to know if this is being done correctly.

The final product, as shown in the images here is a very sticky and very potent CBD wax.


How CBD wax is used

If the creation of the product wasn’t sketchy enough, the way you consume it surely is.

In order to use CBD wax, you need to do something called ‘dabbing’. Dabbing is the slang term for the process of heating a ‘nail’ with a blow torch until its red hot, placing the wax on the nail, and inhaling the massive amount of smoke through the piece.

A dabbing rig, what you use to ‘dab’, can come in various shapes and sizes, and cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

Let’s take a look at the process in images.

First, you need to buy a dab rig, which typically looks like the small glass piece here.

Then, you use a torch to heat the nail until it is red-hot.


Next, you put a small amount of wax on your dabber.


Then, you place the ‘dab’ of wax onto the red-hot nail and inhale the smoke through the dab rig.


Finally you blow out a large cloud of smoke.

If this seems like a lot of effort to you, it is. So you may be wondering why people would every go through all this trouble.

Why people dab CBD

The idea behind dabbing goes back to marijuana smokers who were essentially trying to get as high as possible with the least amount of effort. Sure, there are some medicinal purposes for this too, but 99% of people dabbing don’t have a chronic illness they’re battling.

In this case, since CBD doesn’t get you high, the idea is to instantly feel the effects of a high-dose of CBD.

And its true, by dabbing CBD your lungs will quickly uptake the compounds into your blood stream for an almost instantaneous feeling of relief.

This is the same reason why some people find vaping CBD to highly effective for them in specific cases.

You can probably think of situations in which you may need immediate relief:

  • Right before bed when struggling with insomnia
  • When you have a really important conversation coming up with a boss, coworker, or family member
  • When you’re going out to a social event

In these scenarios having a fast-acting way to consume CBD makes sense. Although you’re probably also considering how much of a pain it would be to go through the entire process of dabbing when you could simply use a vape pen.

Why CBD Wax is a waste of money

1) You can’t be sure of the quality

The method of creating CBD wax is extremely unreliable. First, you have to worry about whether or not the manufacturer has properly cured the wax after extracting it. Because of the lack of regulation in the industry at this point, the CBD wax you’re buying could be made in someone’s kitchen.

Then, there’s the fact that we don’t know exactly how much CBD is in each ‘dab’. If you use 250MG CBD to create the wax, it’s not possible to know exactly how much CBD has been lost or damaged in the extraction process.

2) It’s an incredibly cumbersome and sketchy process to consume CBD wax

As we’ve illustrated in this post, the process of dabbing is incredibly cumbersome and quite dangerous if you’re not careful.

Taking straight from an article on Vice by T. Kid – “…no one can deny that it is a righteous pain in the *** to deal with. It’s expensive, sticks to almost anything you store it in, and of course there’s the conundrum of consuming it correctly.”

There have been reports of fires, people burning themselves, and other mishaps by people who aren’t already experienced at using a dabbing rig.

3) The instant benefits mean they don’t last

While dabbing CBD right before going to sleep may seem like a valid use-case, it’s about the only one. When inhaling anything, we know that the chemicals are quickly absorbed into our blood stream through our lungs.

Although there is a massive tradeoff here in that the faster it enters your bloodstream, the faster it leaves too. I don’t think I need to get into the molecular biology of things for you to understand the logic here.

This is why digesting CBD Oils is the best way to use CBD for the far majority of people. The slow uptake of the CBD into your body is intentional, and it’s why you can use CBD Oil in the morning and experience the benefits throughout the day.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you think CBD wax is a waste of money? Do you think CBD wax is great? We clearly have a strong opinion here, but we’d love for it to be challenged!
Let us know in the comments below.